Nick Campbell - Curriculum Vitae

*Note*: THIS FILE INCLUDES JAPANESE CHARACTERS (that may not display well!)

Publication List, from 1990 to present day

(this list is probably not complete) [June 2008]

  • Journal Papers :
    1. “Differences in the speaking styles of a Japanese male according to interlocutor; showing the effects of affect in conversational International Journal of Computational Linguistics andspeech”, Chinese Language Processing, pp.1-16, vol. 11, no. 1 (2007) on May 3, 2007.

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    30. “Segment Durations in a Syllable Frame”, W. N. Campbell & S. D. Isard: Journal of Phonetics, Special Issue on Speech Synthesis, Vol.19#1,pp.37-48, 1991.

  • Invited talks/articles:
    1. Speech Timing in Japanese & English International Symposium on Japanese Prosody (pp 207-216) 1989 “日本語音声ー国際シンポジウム” (文部省).

    2. From Read Speech to Real Speech (invited paper) Symposium on the Phonetics and Phonology of Speaking Styles, Proc XIIIth ICPhS, Stockholm 1995.

    3. Mapping across speaking styles - from read to real (Invited Paper ICPhS Symposium 1995)-

    4. COCOSDA & Oriental COCOSDA: a Progress Report, Panel session ICSP99, p.77-80, 1999.8.18

    5. 機械との対話:コミュニケーションにおける音声合成", 講演会, ソニーCSL (東京) 1999/3/9

    6. Speech Database Processing Tools: - the state of the art in automatic labelling of speech, Panel Discussion (chair) LREC 2000

    7. Opinion Piece, ATR Journal Special Essay 2000, Current at ATR ATR UptoDate 2000

    8. The Sound of a Smiling Voice, at Symposium on Face, Speech, and Acoustics, Venice 2002

    9. Do-it-Yourself Speech Synthesis 10th Virtual Reality Symposium, Tokyo University, 2003.

    10. LREC 2004 Keynote: Getting to the Heart of the Matter, 2004

    11. Humaine WP5 workshop - Data Collection in the JST CREST Project, Belfast 2004.

    12. Talking with Robots ATR Expo, 2004.

    13. Human Language Technologies - Expressive Speech Synthesis: What is the Goal?, Tallinn, 2005.

    14. The 36th Poznan Linguistics Meeting The Second Channel; Non-verbal Information in Speech, Poznan, 2005.

    15. LREC 2006 Panel Session: Resources for Processing Affect in Speech

    16. Speech Signal Annotation, Processing and Synthesis 2006, Keynote Speech, Poznan, Poland

    17. IS-LTC 2006, Keynote Speech, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    18. Guest Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing on Expresive Speech Synthesis, Vol 14, No 4, July 2006.

    19. NATO-ASI Summer School: The Fundamentals of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication and the Biometrical Issue, Vietri, 2006. (lecturer)

    20. Panel on Resources for the Processing of Affect in Interaction, pp.18-19, The ELRA Newsletter, Apr-Sept 2006.

    21. Hottest Issues in Speech Synthesis, invited talk, LET M&I, Kansai University, 2008

  • Book chapters/articles:
    1. Syllable-Based Segmental Duration, in Talking Machines, eds. G. Bailly & C. Benoit, Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, 1991.

    2. Prosody and the selection of units for speech synthesis, Nick Campbell & Alan W. Black in Talking Machines (Springer) 1995

    3. プラグマティック・イントネーション:韻律情報の機能的役割, ニック キャンベル, 文法と音声, くろしお出版, pp.55-74, 1997.

    4. 韻律解釈における基本単位-音声文法構築へ向けて-, ニック キャンベル, 文法と音声II, くろしお出版, pp.73-91, 1999.

    5. Synthesising Spontaneous Speech Invited chapter in Computing Prosody Springer Verlag 1997

    6. Timing in Speech: a multi-level process (Invited chapter) in Prosody; Theory and Experiment, Feschrift for Gosta Bruce Eds Horne et al, 1999

    7. Information Transfer in Example-Based Speech Translation (Invited chapter) N.Campbell & H. Iida, in Automated Spoken Dialogue Systems, MIT Press 1999

    8. 発話音声の特徴-音声文法からの観点-, ニック キャンベル, 文法と音声III, くろしお出版, pp.161-182, 2001.

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    13. Nick Campbell. On the Use of Nonverbal Speech Sounds in Human Communication, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Behaviors V, LNAI Vol. 4775, pp.117-128, 06 Oct. 2007.

    14. Robust real time face tracking for the analysis of human behavior.  Nick Campbell, Damien Douxchamps, in Machine Learning & Multimodal Interactio n, Springer's LNCS series, 4892, pp.1-15, Dec. 2007.

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    17. Expressive Speech Processing & Prosody Engineering in New Trends in Speech Based Interactive Systems , Eds: Fang Chen & Kristiina Jokinen, Springer, 2007

  • Conference papers :


    1. Campbell, N. “Tools & Resources for Visualising Conversational-Speech Interaction”, in Proc LREC (Language Resources & Evaluation) conference, May 2008 (in Press).

    2. Nick CAMPBELL and Akiko NAKAGAWA “Yes, yes, yes, a word with many meanings; the acoustics associated with intention variation”, Speech Prosody 2008 (in Press) May 2008.

    3. Campbell, N, “Active Listening Characteristics Confirm Spoken Dialogue to be a Very Two-way Interactive Process”, Proc. Acoustical Society of Japan, Spring Meeting, March 2008.


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    PLUS several other - not first author.


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    before 1990 ? not much of scientific interest ....